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Why Artal Logistic in air freight

Learn more about why Artal Logistic as a Turkish shipping company is the best choice for air freight shipping


Why Artal Logistic in air freight

If you’re looking for air freight services, Artal Logistic is the company to contact. We offer a variety of services, including express and regular air freight, as well as freight forwarding. We partner with leading airlines around the world and we guarantee on-time delivery.


Why Artal Logistic in air freight


In order to offer the best logistics service and meet customers’ expectations, Artal Logistic is committed to the continuous improvement of its cargo handling services. Indeed, air freight has become a major way of carriage and it is essential for cargo handlers to have a solid knowledge of this particular sector. Air freight is one of the most interesting sectors for Artal Logistics as it offers many advantages for customers. The advantages are as follows:

  • Flexibility: Most shipments can be handled in 24 hours or less
  • Cost-efficiency: Keeping prices low without sacrificing quality
  • Expertise: Air freight is our core business



Why Artal Logistic in air freight
Why Artal Logistic in air freight

What distinguish Artal Logistic in air freight in Turkey?


Artal Logistic is an air freight forwarding company that was founded in Turkey. We are one of the pioneers in this field, and we have the experience and expertise to offer you the best logistic services. In addition to our extensive experience, we are leaders in the industry because of our partnerships with national and international carriers, which enables us to offer more than 200 destinations worldwide.

 We can help you with your various freight forwarding requirements no matter what they may be:



Oversize cargo transport

Sensitive goods transportation and much more.

Artal Logistic is a well-established company that provides quality service at competitive rates to companies around the world. All of our services are supported by a logistics network that has been built up over decades of experience and skillful dealings.


How Artal Logistic can help you with your air freight needs


It’s important to choose a trustworthy freight company to handle your air freight needs. Artal Logistic offers many benefits to its clients including:

  • Cost effective rates
  • Customizing the service according to your needs
  • Experienced and reliable staff
  • No long term commitments

Artal Logistics is committed to offering the best service at competitive prices, with an experienced and reliable staff, and no long term commitments. Whether you need containerized or break bulk services, Artal Logistics does it all. With a team of professionals who will work with you from start to finish, you can create a plan that works for your business. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your shipment is in good hands; call or email Artal Logistics today!


How much does it cost to ship by Air Freight by Artal?


The cost of shipping by air freight is calculated based on the weight and size of the goods but also on the destination. If you are interested in our rates, please contact Artal.

We can pick up your goods from any location in the world and transport them to anywhere else in the world. We offer door-to-door service and we are a full service logistics company. Air Freight is one of the most popular methods of shipping goods internationally, but it may not be the cheapest — this is where Artal Logistics can help. Air freight by Artal Logistic is an affordable option for transporting goods internationally. We will ship any size or quantity of goods all around the world with our services. You can trust that your valuable goods will arrive safely at their destination with us.


Other benefits of using Artal as an international freight forwarder


There are many benefits to using Artal as an international freight forwarder. One of the most important benefits is that we provide a way for you to create more sales. We make it easier for your business to sell products abroad by minimizing logistical hurdles, like customs clearance and taxes. If your business wants to expand into new markets, we can help you get there faster while keeping costs low. We have extensive experience working with importers and exporters in different sectors, so we know what you need and what’s best for your industry.

Our shipping company in Turkey has the capacity to handle any volume of shipment at any time-day or night-and-ship it on time anywhere in the world. We also offer customized solutions tailored to each client’s needs. For example, if your business has specific needs related to customs clearance, hazardous cargo transport, or food safety certification requirements-we can help with that too. And because we operate on a global scale, our company has access to world-class resources and infrastructure that enable us to serve clients from around the world with speed and efficiency.


Why should you choose Artal Logistic?


There are many reasons why you should choose Artal Logistic for your air freight needs.

  1. First of all, we have a wide variety of different services, so we can provide the best solution for your company’s needs.
  1. We also offer competitive rates and flexible payment options.
  1. Our services are designed to be as efficient as possible, so you don’t have to wait around while we take care of your cargo.
  1. Lastly, our customer service is excellent. We make it our priority to respond to any questions or concerns you may have in a timely manner and make sure that everything is done right the first time.


How should you find the right freight forwarder?

There are many elements that you need to look for when choosing a freight forwarder. As the needs of your business grow and change, so will the providers you work with. You may need to hire a freight forwarder in order to ship items from one country to another. You should first consider how the freight forwarder will meet your needs. Some of these include:

It is essential to choose the right freight forwarder for your business. The best way to get a freight forwarder that will work well with your company is by doing research and talking to different providers. It will help you find the right one!


What to look out for in an air freight forwarder?


There are many things to look out for in an air freight forwarder. One of the most important is the experience. Make sure you’re working with a company that has been in the game for a while and knows what they’re doing. They should be able to show you examples of what they did on other companies like yours. Another thing to look out for is how they send your package on its way. Will it be overnight? 7-day ground?

Another thing to consider is that you want them to offer different ways for people to track their shipments and make sure it reaches them when it says it will. You also want them to have insurance in case something goes wrong or if anything were stolen during the shipment process.


What is air freight?


Air freight is the transportation of goods via air and is typically used for shipments that are too time-sensitive or expensive to ship by other means.

Air freight is the transportation of cargo by air. It is typically used when the cargo cannot be transported economically by other modes, such as trucks or railroads. The cargo is often a part of a large shipment that would be impractical to send on a small airplane.


Advantages of Artal over other shipping companies in Turkey


They are the most reliable, they offer the best rates, and they are fast and can be trusted.

Artal Logistics is a leading logistics company in Turkey, with headquarters in Istanbul, and offices everywhere. We offer our customers the best of all worlds – we are one of the few companies that offers both air freight and sea freight services.


Top 3 Points to make your sea freight experience a positive one


  1. Make sure you know the shipping company’s responsibility and yours
  1. Choose a shipping company that offers reliable service and has a good track record
  1. Get to know your logistics partner shipping internationally can be complex, but with the right partner it doesn’t have to be!

To make your experience as smooth as possible, follow these three points:

  • Know your shipping company’s responsibility and yours,
  • choose a company with a good track record,
  • Get to know your logistics partner in advance of your shipment.


Artal shipping company in turkey


Air freight has become a necessity in the global marketplace. It provides a means of transporting goods internationally at a reasonable price and is faster than other modes of transport. That’s why many companies invest in this kind of transportation. An air freight company can provide you with everything you need for your shipments. From transportation to packing, it does it all for you.

These companies are very experienced in the field and know exactly what to do when transporting goods. Plus, these companies will be able to offer you competitive prices depending on how much volume you send and how often you need services.

 Artal Logistics is one such company that specializes in air freight services, so if this kind of shipping is something that interests you, check them out!

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