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No customer is too big and no customer is too small. Our goal is to provide our services to all customers with equal concern and power, ensuring their growth with the ability to maintain all kinds of logistical requirements, starting from finding best producers, managing internal transportation operations, gathering and storing goods, receiving and inspection of goods, packing and packaging (in the country of origin), all types of road transport, sea freight, and air.


Many solutions and less excuses

ARTAL looks forward to being one of the leading companies in providing the best solutions in transportation, warehousing, and dedicated logistics services, directly in Turkey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Arabian Gulf States and also through our local partners in The Middle East, North Africa, and our subsidiary offices in India and China.
At ARTAL we contribute with our experience and resources in keeping your business in constant motion and your cargo in its right path, to reach its targets safe, on time and within budget, with flexible personal services and a guarantee of the highest quality.


Experience means trust…

Relying on more than 30 years of experience, and depending on various marketing and logistical solutions, complying with international standards with the ability of reaching the elite of Turkish manufacturers and service providers and elite of special customers all around the Middle East and Northern Africa.

SHAHBANDAR business growth platform

SHAHBANDAR enhances your business growth…

In SHAHBANDAR we offer creative solutions and inspiring ideas creating an enjoyable shopping experience that makes your business more fun and your deals more successful and makes your choices more professional, helping you spare your time in concentrating on developing and enhancing your businesses.


Our professionalism makes us different

We deal with your incoming and outgoing shipments with high professionalism and commitment. We are constantly working to make our procedures more efficient and reduce the pressure on the environment without compromising quality and service.


ARTAL is an international freight forwarding company, established in 1999.


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