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The tasks of shipping companies in Turkey

This article will provide a general overview of the tasks of shipping companies in Turkey


The tasks of shipping companies in Turkey

Shipping companies are in charge of taking a shipment from point A to point B. The company packs the shipment for shipping and sends it off to the port, airport or any other kind of transportation hub. The tasks of a shipping company in Turkey is to provide logistics services. They work with their customers to plan and execute shipments, ensuring their goods are shipped correctly and arrive on time.


The tasks of shipping companies in Turkey


Shipping companies are a vital part of the Turkish economy. They provide an essential service to both businesses and individuals, which is why it’s important to know what they do and how they can help you. Turkish shipping companies provide the following services:

  • Storage of goods in port warehouses
  • Handling and clearance of imports, exports, and transit cargo
  • Ship crewing
  • Shore-side operations, including stevedoring and terminal handling
  • Port management services (commissioning, repairs)


The tasks of shipping companies in Turkey
The tasks of shipping companies in Turkey


What are the tasks of shipping companies in Turkey?


As Turkey is a country with lots of people and a high-volume of goods to be transported, there are many shipping companies in Turkey. Shipping companies have the responsibility of transporting goods from one place to another with their own means of transportation. Some companies do this by air, others by sea and some by land. For a company that is not very large or established, it can be difficult to find work in the industry as there are so many different shipping companies.




Airfreight is the transport of goods by air. Air freight can be one of the most cost-effective and fastest ways to ship large or heavy items, as well as being a good option for time-sensitive deliveries.

Airfreight is a term for any cargo that is transported by aircraft, and it is the most commonly used method of transporting goods. It’s popular because of its speed and cost-effectiveness. Airfreight provides companies with quick transportation of goods to clients in other countries while saving on shipping costs. The airfreight industry has seen an increase in recent years, leading to more competition among shippers. There are some important things to know before you move freight via airfreight:

  1. You will not have control over the delivery time; it will be determined by the airline’s schedule
  2. You cannot access your shipment during transport
  1. There may be additional taxes or duties imposed on imported goods
  1. Shipping cost is based on weight, volume, and size of shipment
  1. Airfreight does not offer protection from damage or loss
  1. Your goods will be placed inside a container for shipping


Why Artal Logistic for air cargo?


As one of the leading Turkish air cargo shipping companies, Artal Logistic has a reputation for great service and reliability. We know that international shippers look for both speed and security when sending their goods to Turkey, which is why we offer both. Our staff have experience handling a wide range of freight types and are able to provide you with timely delivery while meeting any regulatory requirements.



Sea freight


Sea freight is the transport of goods by ship. It is often used for transporting cargo to and from other countries. Sea freighting is the most economical way for companies to transport goods overseas, but it also has some drawbacks. Sea freighting takes a lot of time and does not always go as planned. The ocean is unpredictable, so it is hard to estimate how long a sea voyage will take and whether or not there will be any weather-related delays. Plus, sea freighting can be dangerous because ships are vulnerable to bad weather and pirates.

Sea freight is the most popular kind of shipping. It’s also the oldest. Sea freight companies transport goods by ocean and coastal trade routes. It’s hard to imagine life without sea freight because it has been around for so long, but there are many reasons why this company is important in Turkey.

  • Sea freight companies are responsible for transporting goods from one country to another. This could be from China to Europe or from Africa to North America. These goods could be anything from clothes to electronics.
  • The service is usually cheaper than air freight because sea freight doesn’t require fuel costs (air does). And because the goods are shipped on boats, it can take weeks before they reach their destination. That means that you need a lot of time and patience before your order arrives!
  • One great thing about sea freight is that it’s reliable and secure because it travels slower than air or land-based shipping methods, which makes cargo less likely to be damaged during transit. The downside is that shipments may take longer than expected, but at least they’re more likely to arrive intact when they finally do!


Why Artal Logistic for sea shipping?


Sea shipping is a complex and delicate process. When you want to ship goods by sea, it is important to find a company that is experienced in this field and can offer the best possible service.

  1. Here at Artal Logistic, we are experts in sea shipping and have been providing our services for years.
  1. We have offices all around the world, so whichever country your cargo is being shipped from we will be able to provide you with the best rates.
  1. We also work with various types of vessels including Ro-Ro ships, containerships, bulk carriers, LPG tankers and car carriers.
  1. You can count on us for any type of sea cargo transportation: liquid or dry bulk cargoes; project cargoes; live animals; oversized or heavy cargoes as well as general cargo.
  1. Our fleet includes vessels for short and long-term chartering as well as new buildings.



Land freight


Land freight is a common type of transportation where the goods are being transported through land by truck, train or ship. The first shipment was in 1803 when a consignment of cotton was sent from Manchester to Liverpool. In Turkey, the most important companies in this sector is Artal Logistic.

The first step in international shipping is the land freight. This is the transportation of cargo between a port or airport and the destination, which may be over land, by truck, rail or air. In Turkey, trucks are used for this purpose.


Why Artal Logistic in road freight?


We offer more than just freight transport. Our services consist of warehousing, dispatching, forwarding, customs clearance and all other logistics processes. Artal Logistic is a full-service logistics provider with a combined experience of years in the industry. With our expertise in road freight transportation, we serve customers from all over Turkey with reliable and cost-effective delivery solutions. We are committed to providing our customers with top-notch service in the most efficient way possible.





Artal Logistics is a global logistics company that specializes in transferring and storing cargo. They are an international company with headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. The company has been operating for over thirty years and has been providing excellent service to their clients ever since.

Shipping: Providing Shipping Services to Turkish Customers Artal Shipping is a full-service shipping company in Turkey. We work with the export, import, and logistics sectors of the industry. We offer cargo consolidation, container loading, container tracking, freight forwarding services and more as part of our shipping service packages. This enables us to provide comprehensive solutions for all your shipping needs.

  • It offers a range of services from logistics to customs brokerage, providing clients with complete solutions for their cargo needs.

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