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Shipping From Turkey to Saudi Arabia

Shipping From Turkey to Saudi Arabia


We seek to provide distinguished professional services in shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia through the quality of services in Artal Logistic Company to gain the confidence and ensure the comfort and flexibility of the shipping process as we deliver cargo shipping services of all kinds, including our personal shipping services for individuals such as bags, personal luggage, and corporate commercial shipping, such as shipping clothes, fabrics, machinery, equipment, food, sanitary ware, ceramics, marble, furniture, and electrical appliances.

It is clear that Turkish shipping businesses assist in expanding trade between Turkey and other nations, but we at Artal Logistics are confident that you will appreciate the advantages of relying on us because of our modern infrastructure, which includes our numerous warehouses and fleets. We at Artal Logistics are excited to have the honor of serving as your first logistics provider from Turkey to Saudi Arabia and providing you with high-quality logistic services. Our vehicles and personnel will be used to establish a large logistics project to inaugurate logistic services for you. It will be easy and secure.

Artal Logistic Company provides distinguished services in international shipping from Turkey to all cities in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are purchasing or collecting your shipments and purchases, we store them in our warehouses in Turkey and transport them to their final destinations, as well as a team of specialists who assist with customs procedures. As a result of continuous attempts to provide the lowest shipping prices from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, we provide distinguished shipping services that exceed your expectations, whether via air or ground transportation. Our eagerness to gain the confidence of our customers and offer them the best value and the greatest degree of transparency in pricing is a constant company strategy.

Our goal is to create a seamless, state-of-the-art service at competitive costs for our devoted customers. In this regard, we connect Turkish cities such as Istanbul and others to cities like Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Abha, Tabuk, Madinah, Makkah, Taif, Khamis Mushait, Al-Qassim, and others in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 الشحن من تركيا الى السعودية


The advantages that we offer in shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia:


  • Through sea, air, and land freight, we are working to strengthen the connection between Turkey and Saudi Arabia by opening up several vistas.
  • Aside from preparing the required documents and paperwork for shipping at economical prices, logistic services, transportation, packaging, and storage are all provided.
  • It is important to consider the receipt and delivery of shipments as quickly and as efficiently as possible while providing express service.
  • Professional furniture moving and proper packaging, which ensures the safety of your shipments, is how we move your furniture.
  • We offer comprehensive air, sea, and express mail services for transporting all sorts of freight, whether it be delivered quickly via air freight or to the customer’s door via express mail, or delivered from all Turkish ports to Saudi Arabia via sea freight.
  • We ensure that our packages are delivered safely and securely, whether they contain delicate or bulky items, by using the most advanced packaging technology and employing experienced and skilled personnel and technicians to provide the service.
  • 24/7 customer service is just a click away to assist you with any process or requirement.
  • To provide cargo and cargo insurance against shipping risks during shipping.
  • All the documents and paperwork necessary for overseas shipping and customs processing must be prepared.
  • All deliveries must be thoroughly inspected after they are received to ensure that they are free of damage, and all items must be repacked to ensure smooth delivery.



Shipping methods from Turkey to Saudi Arabia:


Sea cargo from Turkey to Saudi Arabia:


Through full containers and joint shipping in a container, Artal Logistics offers terrific prices and discounts on shipment from Turkey to Saudi Arabia. Our reduced rates are based on providing joint ventures with the most effective international shipping firms. Containers provide better protection for large shipments in addition to the ability to handle a wide variety of professional shipments in an organized and specific manner in containers to prevent them from being dispersed throughout transit periods.

Air cargo from Turkey to Saudi Arabia:


From Turkey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Artal Logistics provides solutions for handling all phases of air freight from receiving shipments to delivering them to the destination. Furthermore, we offer services for preparing the necessary documents and arranging for the delivery of all goods and material as part of air freight. As we strive to provide competitive prices for shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, we seek to gain our customers’ confidence and offer the best price savings, we also seek to provide an all-in-one system and advanced air freight services.


How Much Does it Cost to Ship from Turkey to Saudi Arabia?


The cost of shipping a package from Turkey to Saudi Arabia will vary. The most important factor for determining the price is the weight of the package and its destination.



Artal – Shipping Company Should You Use To Ship From Turkey to Saudi Arabia?


Artal, one of the fastest growing international shipping companies in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, is a reliable and professional company that can help with your next shipment. Whether you need to ship from Turkey to Saudi Arabia or vice versa, Artal is happy to help.



Tips before You Start Shipping From Turkey to Saudi Arabia


Shipping items from Turkey to Saudi Arabia can be a challenge. However, by taking some time to prepare before you start shipping, the process will be much smoother and less confusing.



What You Need to Know Before Shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia


If you’re planning on moving from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, there are a few things you need to know.

  1. First, when shipping internationally, you’ll need to provide information about the weight and dimensions of your shipment.
  1. You’ll also have to specify whether or not your shipment is hazardous. The country of destination may also require additional documentation, such as commercial invoices and bills of lading.
  1. You’ll want to contact your local Customs office for more information.
  1. In addition to the aforementioned documents, you may be required to complete a questionnaire that provides an estimate of the customs duties and taxes that will be imposed on your shipment by the country of destination during the importation process.
  1. It’s important that this document is accurate so it doesn’t trigger an inspection delay or denial by Customs.
  1. Lastly, you should get insurance for your shipment before sending it off overseas. If something were to happen during transit or at the destination country Customs office, insurance can help mitigate any damages incurred from loss or damage in transit.



The Best Way to Ship from Turkey to Saudi Arabia: By Sea


There are a few things you need to know when shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia. For example, if you choose to ship via sea, it may take up to 40 days for your shipment to arrive at its destination. If you plan on shipping by air, your shipment will typically arrive within 10 days. To ship from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, the best way is depend on what kind of items you’re shipping and how soon you need them delivered.



Other Ways to Ship from Turkey to Saudi Arabia: By Air


There are two main ways to ship from Turkey to Saudi Arabia: by air or sea. You can also use either of these methods if you’re shipping from Turkey to any other country.

 If you choose to ship by air, be sure that your items are light enough. For instance, if you’re shipping a bike, it would have to disassembled and packaged in a box for the flight. The good news is that this method is faster than shipping by sea, taking only a few days. The downside is that it’s more expensive and your items will likely be exposed to more damage during transport.

If you decide to go with shipping by sea, then you’ll need to know that it takes much longer than shipping by air (about 10-14 days). However, this method is cheaper and less risky for your items since they won’t be as exposed to damage during transport. It might also be an option if you’re planning on sending heavier large items like furniture or appliances.



Shipment from Turkey to Saudi Arabia


Shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia is a relatively inexpensive and easy process; however, you do need to be aware of some regulations.

  • One important regulation is that items over 100 pounds are not allowed to be shipped to Saudi Arabia. Make sure that the weight of your shipment does not exceed 100 pounds and it will be delivered without a problem.
  • The other regulation you need to know about is the fact that all shipments originating from Turkey are subject to an export tax.
  • And finally, all shipments must contain a commercial invoice and also include packing list, which should list the weight of the shipment. If this information is not included with your shipment, it may be rejected at customs in Saudi Arabia and you will have no recourse for recovering your goods or being compensated for lost cargo.



Importing Goods from Turkey to Saudi Arabia


Importing goods from Turkey to Saudi Arabia requires a lot of shipping knowledge. There are many different factors that can make importing from Turkey to Saudi Arabia complicated and difficult, such as:

  • Language barriers
  • Cultural differences
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Duty fees

All these factors need to be considered when importing goods from Turkey to Saudi Arabia.



Artal – the Best Shipping Company from Turkey to Saudi Arabia


As one of the leading freight forwarders in Turkey, we have been serving the Turkish market for years. Headquartered in Istanbul, we provide a wide range of services from transportation to customs clearance and inland distribution. For international shipments, we work with partners around the world to make sure your goods get to their destination on time. Artal provides all modes of transportation (air, land and sea) for both import and export shipments. Our team is available to you 24 hours a day from Monday through Saturday in our offices or on the phone. Let us know how we can help you with your international logistics needs! You’ll be glad you did!



Which Shipping Service Should you Choose?


There are a few different methods for shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia. One of the most popular methods is by air freight. Air freight is quite expensive, and does not cover fragile items. The next option is by sea freight, which is less expensive than air transport. However, it does not cover fragile items either.

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