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Shipping from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait

Shipping from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait

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Shipping from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait

Shipping from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait via Artal Logistics:

Air cargo from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait:

Sea freight Turkey from Turkey to Kuwait:

Shipping features from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait via Artal Logistics:

Shipping from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait

Artal Logistics as a one of shipping companies in Turkey has been able through its experience in the air and sea freight, to provide distinguished freight services from Istanbul to the State Kuwait, and has proven its ability and high efficiency in shipping various products from Turkey to Kuwait, and providing freight services commensurate with these shipments and ensuring their arrival To Kuwait safely and at the lowest costs.

Turkish exports varied from Istanbul to Kuwait, and food products, textile industries, Turkish furniture and other industries occupied the list of the most important exports from Istanbul to Kuwait.

Turkey attracted many investors and traders in Kuwait to import many Turkish products, and Artal Logistic had an important role in Facilitating the shipping process to all regions in Kuwait, it provided many services in shipping on the one hand and many commercial services that made the import process from Turkey easy

Also, Artal Logistics services include shipping excess baggage and personal purchases from Istanbul to Kuwait, where you can communicate with us directly after completing shopping in Istanbul, so that one of our representatives in Artal Logistics receives the shipments and extra weight from you at your place of residence in Istanbul and deliver it to your home in Kuwait.

Shipping from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait via Artal Logistics:

The shipping methods varied from Istanbul to Kuwait, according to the type and size of shipments, ensuring you the best competitive offers and in record delivery time.

It also intends to provide the best means of packing and packing for various products and goods in a way that ensures shipments arrive in Kuwait safely and without exposure to shipping risks.

Air cargo from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait:

Artal Logistics provided air freight service from Istanbul to Kuwait at the best costs, and within standard delivery time.

Your dealings with Artal Logistics to ship from Turkey to Kuwait means your interaction with international airlines to ensure that your shipments arrive in Kuwait safely, as the advanced packaging methods provided by Artal Logistics when customers trust them and in line with their standards.

Artal Logistics has been able to provide you with door-to-door delivery service, where we reach you wherever you are in Istanbul to receive shipments and deliver them to the specified location in Kuwait, and we also provide cargo shipping service from Istanbul to Kuwait Airport.

Sea freight Turkey from Turkey to Kuwait:

Sea freight service from Istanbul to Kuwait is suitable for large size and weight shipments, as the goods are regularly and accurately packed inside containers on ships intended for sea freight through most of Turkish ports to be delivered to Kuwaiti ports.

Artal Logistic also provided containers of different sizes in proportion to the volume of shipments and merchandise you have, and also provided dealing with the best shipping lines to deal with to ensure the safe arrival of your shipments from Istanbul to Kuwait, while providing the necessary papers and documents for the conduct of shipping operations.

Shipping features from Turkey Istanbul to Kuwait via Artal Logistics:

  • Regular flights from Istanbul to Kuwait, with on-time delivery.
  • Artal Logistics provides door to door shipping service and door to port or airport also.
  • Customs clearance services.
  • Shipping insurance service as customer need.
  • Shipping all commercial shipments of all types and sizes and providing what is needed to make the shipping process from Istanbul to Kuwait easy.
  • Continuous follow-up from Artal Logistics team until receiving in Kuwait.

We at Artal Logistics strive to provide shipping services from Istanbul and Turkey to Kuwait according to specific criteria aimed at gaining the satisfaction and confidence of customers, and we continuously aspire to find advanced shipping solutions that are compatible with the needs of international shipping.

Shipping Routes from Turkey to Kuwait

  • Trade between Turkey and Kuwait in 2018 reached $678 million, and the two countries are seeking to increase their trade volume to $1 billion annually, with the mechanisms facilitating this goal arranged through the Turkish-Kuwaiti Business Council and the meetings of the joint economic committee between the two countries.
  • Bilateral economic relations between Kuwait and Turkey are among the relations to be emulated globally in the extent of understanding and harmony, as statistics indicate that more than 300 companies are operating in Turkey with Kuwaiti capital; companies have made direct investments in Turkey worth $1.7 billion.
  • Turkish companies had a share in winning Kuwaiti tenders, with Kuwaiti tenders based on Turkish companies amounting to $7 billion.
  • Official data confirmed that the most invested sectors of Kuwaitis in Turkey are real estate, finance, tourism and trade, where Kuwaitis are considered one of the most Arab nationalities buying real estate in Turkey after Iraqis.
  • The largest Arab financial investment in the Turkish banking sector is a Kuwaiti investment through Kuwait Turkish Bank, one of Turkey’s most famous private banks within Turkey.
  • Due to the exemption of Kuwaitis from the visa to Turkey, and in return the Turks were granted a visa to enter Kuwait upon arrival, the number of Kuwaiti tourists visiting Turkey reached nearly 300,000 by the end of 2018.
  • Kuwaitis import several products from Turkey, the most important of which are carpets, floor coverings, iron and steel, land machinery, accessories, machinery, spare parts and textile.
  • The transport and shipping sector between the two countries is active in the volume of commercial and economic activity, and perhaps the most important shipping methods currently used to transport goods between Turkey and Kuwait are air and sea freight methods.

Sea Shipping from Turkey to Kuwait

Turkish goods are shipped to Kuwait through Turkey’s various ports overlooking its four seas and then pass through the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean through the waters of the Arabian Gulf to Kuwait.

Airfreight from Turkey to Kuwait

Goods and cargo are shipped from Turkey to Kuwait through Turkey’s commercial airports, the most important of which is Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport, which is dedicated to international cargo.

Shipping from Turkey to Kuwait

Prices and Shipping Costs from Turkey to Kuwait

The prices and costs of shipping goods from Turkey to Kuwait vary depending on the time or type of shipping method, in addition to the company chosen for transport, but in general, it can be said that the fastest routes used for shipping between Turkey and Kuwait are air freight, and the least expensive method is sea shipping.

The role of commercial brokerage firms operating in Turkey is to provide the cheapest prices and offers for air or sea freight from Turkey to Kuwait. Artal International Trading works through its important business partnerships with many shipping or air shipping companies in Turkey, providing the best offers and prices to its customers.

Shipping Conditions from Turkey to Kuwait and Required Papers

Turkey adheres to international standards of world trade, in addition to standards for Turkish products related to product safety and quality before export. Several papers need to be extracted before export from Turkey within routine conditions for the completion of the export process, and these papers are extracted by commercial brokerage companies within the logistics package they provide to their customers.

The Best Shipping Company from Turkey to Kuwait

  • Due to Turkey’s strategic location on the global supply chain road, as well as being one of the economic countries with a high export volume, international and domestic shipping companies and logistics companies are active in Turkey.
  • Commercial brokerage firms operating in Turkey compete with each other, so those wishing to import from Turkey will have to choose the most experienced and honest trading broker.
  • Artal International Trading company is one of the most important commercial brokerage companies operating in Turkey, providing its logistics services to customers wishing to import from Turkey with the utmost accuracy, honesty and professionalism.
  • Artal International Trading Company connects the customer to the product source of the commodity, giving him more than one option and helping him to collect the best options available
  • In addition, we offer packaging services, customs clearance, trade representation and sea shipping or air shipping with the best prices and offers.
  • We have business partnerships with many shipping companies, suppliers and producers.

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