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Storage facilities and logistical services are a main pillar in a modern and successful business and a main tool to success, but on the same time it take an important role in both financial and logistic burdens for these companies ,and take a big part of their operating expenses,and impact their profit negatively,and create a huge pressure on their resources and abilities,due to its fixed cost throughout the year, despite the big change in inventory size increasing and decreasing (according to shipping time ,buying dates and goods arrival) The significant rise and fall in sales volumes associated with periods Peak and Bottom (depending on the seasons of activity, its market and the type of its customers) ,in addition to what these operations require of time, effort, human resources, intellectual resources and logistical resources, which distract them from focusing on their most important work and their strongest advantage,to look to a new sources and develop new products and providing more advanced and aspiring marketing ideas (able to understand market needs, and take advantage of its growth opportunities and potentials for development).

Paying as much as the work

From here came the need to use of logistics companies that provide flexible warehousing services, efficient inventory management, and rapid and regular distribution and delivery operations, to their shops or directly to the hands of their customers.

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In Artal we provide our clients short-term storage long-term storage offers,for all kind of goods and wide range of different business fields ,whether for companies, factories and even medium and small online stores ,our warehouses provided with all of requirements in proportion to the highest standards and the best features, and it operates with the latest systems and the best staff and options Our team of experts analyze your business requirements, design the appropriate warehousing and distribution solutions for your goods, to increase inventory efficiency, speed up response, and optimize the service, without incurring additional burdens and expenses when no longer needed.
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