Sea Freight - أرتال أفضل شركات الشحن في تركيا وخدمات الشحن من تركيا لدول العالم

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Beyond Your Imagination

Through a complete and professional network of shipping agents in all the major shipping ports in the world.
We provide transportation, forwarding and unloading services for LCF 'Full Container-Load' and LCL 'Less than Container Load' of all types and sizes and provide the best strategic solutions using variety of transportation systems, including warehousing, land freight ,sea freight and air freight .

Artal keeps your business in constant motion and your goods on track.

We work with our partners to speed up transportation of large quantities of goods that provide competitive advantages that meet their aspirations and suit all their needs. We always in the search for the most reliable solutions ,so that your shipments always be in the right path and reach its destination in time and within budget.
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Tons of air freight annually
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