Alshahbander - أرتال أفضل شركات الشحن في تركيا وخدمات الشحن من تركيا لدول العالم

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Business growth platform..
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Enhances Your Business Growth..

At ARIG we work with full commitmen on building the biggest business platform to enhance the businesses growth in the region, by developing a creative leading business community powered with effective communication channels, serving various needs and sectors, to improve the quality and raise the efficiency levels and empower competitors and minimize production and marketing expenses through our trusted communication channels

In SHAHBANDAR we offer creative solutions and inspiring ideas creating an enjoyable shopping experience that makes your business more fun and your deals more successful and makes your choices more professional, helping you spare your time in concentrating on developing and enhancing your businesses

think smart, choose the best

Shahbandar was designed to serve a various rage of sectors in order to be your effective business tool and your preferred and trusted communication channel, in search for the best deals, and finding the best producers, with the capability of following the production processes Shahbandar’s team is there for you since the first spark of your ideas until the deal is successfully processed and your orders becomes reality, with following up the production process, receiving and comparing the products, organizing in- land transportation, gathering and storing, transporting and delivering to your warehouses or directly on your customers’ shelves
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