Logistic Solutions


We looks forward to being one of the leading companies in providing the best solutions in transportation, warehousing, and dedicatedlogistics services, directly in Turkey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and ArabianGulf States and also through our local partners in The Middle East, NorthAfrica, and our subsidiary offices in India and China, to contribute our experience and possibilities to keeps your business in constant motion and your cargo in its right path, to reach its targets safe, in time and within budget, with flexible personal services and a guarantee of the highest quality.

Your Work Goes Smoothly When Your Logistics

Service Runs Smoothly

“ARTAL” for Transport & Logistics Services is able to handle all your logistics needs, no matter how different your business is.From finding the best suppliers for your goods through our large and reliable database, internal transport operations, consolidation and storage services, receipt and inspection of goods, packaging (in the country of origin), shipping of all kinds (land,sea and airfreight), express customs clearance, storage services for short or long term in our secured and equipped warehouses, to distribution and quick delivery to your exhibitions or warehouses, or directly to the hands of your customers, we can provide it all.

Our Aim Is Not to Be the Biggest, But to Strive To Be The Best,

and to Make a Difference in Your Supply Chain

No customer is too big and no customer is too small. It is our goal is to create value with equal importance and efforts towards all our customers

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