Refrigated Transport

Dealing with refrigerated shipments such as live plants, fruits and vegetables, cooled and refrigerated meat, foodstuffs and medical stuff, is considered one of the hardest challenges that face most transportation and logistics companies due to its high sensitivity and its continuous need for following up since the very first moments till the products are unloaded at the customers warehouse.

With our professional reefer transportation services, we guarantee that your sensitive products that need special care, flexible and traceable cooling services, will reach its destination in the planned time, in shape, and within budget, to meet all your needs, and to strive beyond your expectations.

We cooperate with you to choose your most sufficient and fastest way in dealing with your shipments, preparing export or import papers and certificates, customs broker, gathering and storing goods , receiving, inspection and packing goods, with full commitment in assuring that our services will meet all of your need and will exceed your expectations.

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